Bad Cops v20 – Almost the 2yr Anniversary of 12/17

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Bad Cops v20 - Almost the 2yr Anniversary of 12/17 (Β±x)

Published on 06th December 2016

Joseph S R de Saram (JSRDS)

Information Security Architect / Intelligence Analyst / Computer Scientist / Human Rights Activist / COMSEC / SIGINT / TSCM

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One of the most shocking examples of UK Police Corruption is presented here, and relates to Ian Puddick. However the ‘signature moves’ by City of London Police against Ian are identical to those which were run against me from around August 2015.


This is an extremely interesting video – listen from at least 4:15 onwards, and Ian talks about an investigative journalist telling him that the people will ‘break in to get this information’.

Ian goes on to say “lo and behold.. the story takes a really dark turn.. the week before Christmas my home was broken into, and all of the court documents, my whole defence case was stolen.

Ian continues “Clearly someone wants to know the heads up of what you are going to say in Court, before it comes up in Court” and “If they have gone to this extent to break into your properties and take your court documents, then what else might they have done?

This is EXACTLY what happened to me on 17 December 2015 onwards, which was also of course, the week before Christmas. And of course it is interesting that Edward de Saram and Praxy de Saram had decided to come at exactly the same period too!!

Christmas / New Year is the best time for running operations because people are in ‘holiday mode’. I remember flying to the Bahamas at the behest of some military clients just a few days before 01 January 2010 and I was back in Melbourne three weeks later.

I'm No-one's Bitch

It is only because of the gratuitous level of abuse I have suffered, that I have decided to expose the perpetrators. And it will be in no uncertain terms πŸ™‚

Signature Themes

(a) Everyone around me denies any wrongdoing strenuously, even though it is blatantly obvious what is going on, and also their involvement in assisting others including Law Enforcement to evade criminal culpability;

(b)The ransacking of my house with removal of computers and phones, was unbelievable;

(c) Mobile phones were hacked, software modified injection of malware onto local area networks;

(d) Being followed by vehicles whilst white peeps were overseeing the operation (I have photos and video), and people in Sri Lanka have brown faces πŸ™‚

(e) Wireless Cameras installed in my home, with bugs literally everywhere, and not just cockroaches πŸ™‚

(f) ‘All Court Defence Documents were stolen’ and/or wiped. But there is some excellent new and I have managed to recover juicy materials which demonstrate Perversion of the Course of Justice by the Investigators and/or Police. With thousands of hours and purchasing around USD 200,000 in new hardware I may be able to recover more.

(g) Monitoring/editing of phonecalls and elevating my case to one of Counter-Terrorism, and bringing in Money Laundering and Arms Dealing πŸ™‚

(h) Instructing Private Investigators to run the actual surveillance, who also contact my associates and harass them with Injurious Falsehoods about me such as having Schizophrenia, having No Money and being a Paedophile – all obviously untrue πŸ™‚

(i) Fraudulently-obtained Search/Seizure Warrants based on the lies of Australians and Sri Lankans who lack exposure and have their own motives, and get onto the bandwagon without properly considering the consequences of their actions;

(j) Flagrant Abuses of Human Rights leading undoubtedly to a Malicious and False Prosecution – the groundwork is already in place to intimidate and discredit me. However it is their ‘Lawyer’s Constructs’ and fabricated foundation that has enabled me to elucidate their plans and capture evidence πŸ™‚



Having lived fairly frequently in Australia since 2006, with inward investments in the millions of dollars, I am well aware of the operations of the Australian Federal Police (“AFP”) and the Australian Security Intelligence Organisation (“ASIO”).

In fact even now I have data demonstrating that my internet traffic is routed through New Zealand presently, as well as the involvement of the Australian Signals Directorate.

I am not concerned about these and can track them as well as they can track me πŸ™‚

However the part that I do not like is that Investigators encourage people in Sri Lanka to get involved, on the promise of visas and education for them and their family. Violence is then incited against me then fools think ‘bringing me to justice’ will get them ‘brownie points’ – literally πŸ™‚

The foreseeability of physical harm to me occuring to me when operations are handled without sufficient care, is not rocket science, and this is a a separate Cause of Action that I will bring in any event

My neck has never been the same since it was broken on 22 October 2015, and that was as a direct result of the obvious foreign surveillance in September 2015 onwards, which of course I videoed. Therein lies the problem πŸ™‚

AFP from 2007:-

I never reveal the names of Police Officers for reasons of Operational Security and their own Personal Safety. However in view of the fact that violence is being incited against me, and parties are going around slagging me off I will take a different approach for now.

I recall the names were Mike Colangelo and Chris Boudewyn (from memory), from Western Australia. They were located just up the road from Bassendean, around Maylands (from memory).

I can provide the exact names and date next time I fly, as the data is held securely overseas in multiple jurisdictions. I think I have an audio recording of the entire visit too πŸ™‚

I do not like the way the AFP (a) correctly identify my abilities from their searches of me with ‘higher ups’ from 2007, asking me to help them with a Police Informant role and then (b) forget all this in 2016 preferring to listen to the lies of the Melbourne Fraudsters – Margaret Cunniffe, David Brown, Simon Thompson!

Game of Tones - Exposing Fraud via Forensics and Linguistic Text Analysis

[once I upload the additional evidence, the nature and scope of the fraud will be blatantly obvious :)] TORTIOUS INTERFERENCE BY THE POLICE The Police ...

Raymond Callingham of Beeley Hawley & Co

Ray Callingham was the classic fraud in November 2015 and I gave him disinformation as a thank you. I looked down and guilty by deliberately dropping my eye level, and when I said the words ‘Police Informant’ the lights flickered in my house! After that occurred Ray and Kim carried on in ‘Neighbours’ ham-acting fashion’ about the fact that the lights had flickered. This is an entire episode in itself, but is summarised here.

Ray demonstrated absolutely no interest in helping me with the accounting work – instead as soon as I had signed the HMRC form he sat on the main table and Chamaree Silva brought her some documents. He did not tell her what to bring but she knew to bring Tax Materials – bearing in mind she is a mere Village Mutt her suddenly found knowledge was simply bizarre. Ray and Kim then started going through those. Today I recovered the photos that I had taken from 29 November 2015, which were the documents he was looking at. As now seems the norm, they are evidentiary materials that have been wiped!

There seems a lot of effort into questioning the veracity of my income and tax returns and this is Simon Thompson and McDonald Slater & Lay’s sad attempt to evade criminal culpability in relation to their statements about our asset position – Ian Slater has no defence to his misleading affidavit which obtained a Security of Costs fraudulently against me in 2014, which has then caused millions of dollars of losses for me in relation to the perception of insolvency.

During August 2015 onwards it became apparent that there were clowns operating in Sri Lanka. Ahead of Ray Callingham’s visit I noticed that conversations and videos of surveillance featured actors involved with the word DONALD. It appears that this is a codeword which confirms that the vehicle is okay to get into. On this video the driver has an extra piece of material on the seatbelt that says DONALD!

Edward de Saram and Praxy de Saram

An interesting article from 12 December 2016, entitled ‘How MI5’s scientists work to identify future terrorists‘, introduces the Behavioural Science Unit as well as the concept of the Dyad.

Behavioural Analysis is exactly that which I used to ascertain intent and the veracity of statements made in audio recordings, in which parties have to respond interactively in realtime and are unable to shield their lies so easily.

How MI5's scientists work to identify future terrorists - BBC News

Ever heard of the BSU (behavioural science unit)? No, neither had I, until recently. But it turns out that this secretive, specialised unit, embedded within the UK security service, MI5, is absolutely integral to every single terrorist investigation....

The article states “Dyads are thought to be of great concern because their ideas feed off each other, reinforcing their beliefs and lending confidence to their plans.

That makes them harder for MI5 and the police to detect as they don’t “leak” clues to observers so readily.

“Protective risk factors”are the inhibitors, the things that stop a person from actually going through with an attack. People’s protective risk factors can differ widely.

Terrorists and Extremists have a track record of “leaking intent”.

Often they just cannot resist telling others what they are planning.

Examples of this would be the Nice lorry driver who exchanged hundreds of text messages with an associate, and the Brussels bombers who boasted about their attack plans yet nobody took them seriously enough to believe they would go through with them.

Edward de Saram and Praxy de Saram constitute a Dyad. Their Co-Dependency and Pathological Narcissism enable them to form a cohesive unit that they believe is impenetrable to outside interference – just like two peas in a pod. They feel that they are a ‘law unto themselves’ and are in fact ‘above the law’.

On 17 December 2015 (“12/17”) my house was broken into by Edward de Saram (captured on video), I was brutally assaulted, kidnapped and unlawfully imprisoned, whilst my house was conveniently ransacked whilst I was absent.

This conversation would have remained confidential had the Attorney not assisted my adversaries in the commission of their crimes. I hope Bill Orow is reading this as the same applies πŸ™‚

Edward de Saram and Praxy de Saram ran this fraud under the auspices of Law Enforcement / Military Intelligence and their stunt conveniently gave them Legal Guardianship and by stating that I did not have Mental Capacity, and they could give my ‘consent’ whenever they felt like it.

The Military part is the use of Directed Energy Weapons to weaken me, as well as wipe systems.

So the issue is that Directed Energy Weapons were used, and Edward de Saram was clearly associated with them, since whenever he was around there was an issue and when I told him that there were Electromagnetic emanations in his vicinity he used that to state I had a problem. I was of course correct, and perhaps should have worded it better. Regardless Edward de Saram and Praxy de Saram are involved and I told the worst people!

The screen response is characteristic of Electromagnetic Fields

This video shows the effect of a magnet – usually LCD screens are more resistant to such fields but my evidence demonstrates it quite clearly. Watch the following video from 9:46 onwards.

These are photos from the following morning, two black eyes, my forehead had been punched repeatedly, I had a fractured cheekbone as well as broken fingers and massive gashes in my knee, feet and arms. My neck was damaged further by being manhandled (obviously the ‘staged road traffic accident injury was significantly exacerbated, and this was obviously foreseeable) and Common Assault is yet another Cause of Action.

I knew that if I fought the assailants then they would use that as the reason for their action so I just had to sit there and take a beating. The photos do not reflect the full extent of my injuries because of the ‘red-eye’ correction in the galaxy tablet πŸ™‚

Beating me up AFTER I was in the vehicle and speaking to my lawyers is a nice touch:-

It was a massive fraud from start to finish and I have to admit that I was getting massively irritated by their antics in the previous days because I could blatantly see that they were up to something. They deliberately provoked and and then videoed the results to cover their backsides – even this demonstrates criminal intent and desire to evade criminal culpability πŸ™‚

The following excerpt was obtained from the Nokia N8 of Edward de Saram. It features Praxy de Saram asking Edward de Saram whether she should inform me of a Police Order as the reason I needed to be transferred to the hospital. This makes no sense whatsoever if there was a legitimate health issue. Praxy de Saram is confused about the Police Order of the following day, and a Court Order for Treatment in the present day.

Actually there was no Court Order for Treatment, but this was obvious, because I have known the pair of them for almost 45yrs and they lie all the time in such a dim way.

However this does confirm the real reason for the ridiculous fraud and this entire exercise was about unlawfully obtaining evidence and perverting the course of justice. Ray Callingham has fraudulently obtained my signature on the HMRC form, which would have given him, and/or a third party full access to my tax information globally. When I got the original form back from him after signing, it caused a problem.

So Edward de Saram turned up a few days after Ray left and started planting things around the house so that they could be used as fake probable cause. When I identified this Edward de Saram started abusing me psychologically with his gas-lighting and saying I had a mental problem. Of course I got angry as would most people when some donkey is irritating and continually lying to my face.

Every morning when I came downstairs the house looked like staged crime scene – I have evidence of course! It was clearly Fake Probable Cause, and some sad attempt at Perverting the Course of Justice – nothing new of course.

Clearly an event had been planned for the following day and I could not be in the house on the day of the event. I was prevented from challenging the event, which I would of course done legally via an urgent interlocutory, or at the very least have independent attorneys as well as my own attorneys on-site to observe and record. Planting of evidence is rife in corrupt countries such as Sri Lanka and countries such as Singapore and Bahamas where Sri Lankans get visas on arrival!

Their Search & Seizure would have been a failure because I am a Forensics Expert and sanitise all locations in any event – so should ‘evidence’ have been found then it would obviously not have been mine. In this regard I would like my fingerprints and DNA to be demonstrated on such materials, together with a list of all DNA and all fingerprints to be disclosed. This includes packaging materials and boxes.

Criminal Intent

The story being propagated is that I have a mental problem and lost my temper around 14:00 on Thursday 17 December 2017, which necessitated immediate action. Firstly I do not have a mental problem, secondly Edward de Saram was continually provoking me by irritating me and running his gaslighting scams on me. Thirdly I shout all the time but that does not mean that I have a psychological problem – I act just like Gordon Ramsay actually πŸ™‚

I refer to the specific paragraphs of the BBC News article:-

“Terrorists and Extremists have a track record of “leaking intent”.

Often they just cannot resist telling others what they are planning”.

Since I had established that the Dyad was lying and it was in fact their antics that I had responded to, I extracted the audio recordings from the Edward de Saram’s Nokia N8 mobile phone which he had careless left in my house. Obviously they had no idea that I would be able to get out of a secure Psychiatric Facility from within the Facility.

Such recordings demonstrate ‘intent to the commit the crime‘. One of the classics is Edward de Saram scheduling the ‘kidnappers’ for 15:00 on 17 December 2015, though those calls are made around 11:00 when they had not even seen me once that day πŸ™‚


How did they know that there would be an issue at around 14:00 unless they planned it themselves and provoked me according to their timings?

Why are they asking my attorney if their actions were legal 4 DAYS before 17 December 2015?

and getting my lawyer to visit me in hospital feigning that he is on my side is another fraudulent touch. Clearly if they are wanting to work with my lawyer in Arms-Length fashion to obfuscate his involvement, then my lawyer is being instructed by them. The latest plan is to ‘lawfully’ carry out their sick desires. Odd so what was all the nonsense on 12/17 – it obviously was unlawful then if they want to do things the ‘right’ way this time. No-one in the hospital was obsessed with this unlike this pair of fraudsters!

Why are they discussing their intended crime with literally everyone under the sun?


These conversations have been recorded by them and it seems that they enjoy telling people about their plans in a sick schadenfreude manner. Criminal Intent is one of the hardest things to demonstrate, but their intent is demonstrable by their own recordings – just press PLAY!

First I was getting annoyed about the fact that they were slagging me off but having repackaged it as their Criminal Intent, I find it a much better usage of those recordings, which nails them and the Police πŸ™‚

Praxy de Saram asked Edward de Saram ‘So what I am saying, that there is a Police Order?’

This Attorney correctly identified that Edward de Saram and Praxy de Saram are the ones who have organised the fraud. He is obviously aware of the underlying matters despite to obfuscate his source. I have many of his calls when he spills the beans because he has a big mouth as well πŸ™‚

Additionally as I have confirmation that parties are monitoring my calls, I have deliberately used the words ‘to be honest’ before and after the explanation of Accounting and Taxation issues, as delimiters. I have done this to confuse parties and push them in a certain direction.

However my explanation is actually the correct one, which is why I am just astonished how stupid some people are. Unless someone official asks me official questions then I will say whatever I like and any inferences drawn from that which I say are effectively meaningless and imply nothing…


An extremely rare example of an IMSI Catcher Failure – I was having a phone call with Daljit Gill, (a UK Citizen who was also ripped off by Margaret Cunniffe and/or David Brown) on 15 December 2015, two days before 12/17. Using the word ‘breakdown’ keeps the listeners interested as I had already identified the fraud of Edward de Saram and Praxy de Saram from the former’s first visit and his dim gas-lighting techniques and psychological games πŸ™‚

As can be heard Daljit call segments repeat twice, and the start of the segment is in relation to my serious neck injuries from the Staged Accident – ‘I saw your pictures.. they look pretty awful mate’.

I wanted to keep the call going for as long as possible as part of my forensic investigation but at the same time did not want too much time connected to a portable [fake] base transceiver station which could turn the phone into a brick at any time!

Even on the call recording when Daljit says he has ‘seen my pictures and they looked pretty awful’ for the third time, I state “oh wow, I think you said that before” πŸ™‚ before I quickly dropped the call and backed up the data.

Interestingly this recording was wiped from my storage devices (mysteriously and of course how blissfully convenient) though I managed to recover it after about 100 hours at the start of 2016. I find it incredible that data is continually wiped and/or stolen, but items such as a gold rolex watch are not taken. Clearly Sri Lankans are not the driving force behind this operation πŸ™‚

This is another recording in which part of the recipient’s call segment is repeated. Additionally with this one the repeated segment appears to be voice synthesized as it sounds nothing like Steven’s natural speech πŸ™‚


Evidence of premeditated dishonest intention, and laying the groundwork for a crime. This video was made on 17 December 2015 just hours before I was forcibly removed from my home:-

Evidence of Third Parties ACTUALLY obtaining Access to My Property and Data

On Sunday 20 December 2015, my attorney called me advised me of the following:-

Another empty promise from Praxy de Saram to protect my items.

And lo and behold, EXACTLY as I predicted my house was ransacked whilst I was in the Psychiatric Facility:-


This video was made on 29 December 2015 a few days after returning to my house after the Psychiatric Facility fraud.

A person from NSBM would probably have some knowledge of Accounting and Legal matters and would be the ideal person ‘on the ground’ to steal/plant materials.


Grand Theft Data v5

Published on Tania has been reporting a number of unauthorised accesses of her home computer (in Rotherham) over the past few weeks, and I review server logs from time to time in addition. Yesterday I reset the password for the [email protected]


This is an audio recording of attempted Entrapment using an Offshore Service Provider – 15 July 2016

Firstly I noticed that there was a long delay in call connection – this has been a noticeable feature in recent months, and usually occurs when 3-way calls are being set up to involve the Police. This call exerpt was in relation to a Bank Reference and Know Your Client (“KYC”) for a company incorporation. I usually send a number of documents and full KYC as this is something I do all the time as part of unlawful tax planning and asset protection structures.

The woman here follows the Police’s instructions to try and get me to confirm that the letter from City of London Police is a Reference – it is not of course, and in fact those Police Clearance letters specifically state that they are not references or confirmations of good character (words to that effect). They are also limited in what can be disclosed and really mean nothing, as everyone knows.

The woman states that she has not received the Bank Reference letter, but she also seems to know that it is more than 3 months old. It was dated about a year before as it happens!

Clearly I would have sent it and clearly she has received it – just a little scam to try and get me to confirm an association. As such given the fact that the letter from City of London Police is clearly not a Bank Reference letter this is another pointless exercise from Investigators, but it does create that buzz of hatred for me πŸ™‚

As soon as I picked it, I gave her a list of other jurisdictions so have fun looking at those. The bottom line is that a seasoned professional who has spent years of looking at KYC documents would be able to tell a Bank Reference from a Police Clearance, and four Police Clearances were sent and she chose City of London Police for some reason πŸ™‚

* * this section is draft and being enhanced – review it later * *

0161207 UPDATE – vidence

First and foremost I have the forensic evidence which nails the Police and/or their investigator buddies – I am a forensics expert and do not need a third party of inferior experience and/or conceptual abilities to review my data for me or to advise me on the same.

This is the primary reason that parties try their utmost to steal my data, because my evidence demonstrates BLATANT PERVERSION OF THE COURSE OF JUSTICE on the part the Police and/or their Agents!

The Investigatory Powers Act allows the State to tell lies in court

Analysis The freshly passed Investigatory Powers Act, better known as the Snoopers' Charter, is a dog's dinner of a law. It gives virtually unrestricted powers not only to State spy organisations but also to the police and a host of other government...

Another classic is Paragraph (u) – I can use certain words such as ‘Fraud’ and make the phone ring at their end! If parties were a bit brighter then they would know that I have a list of keywords that I have identified as those of particular interest. I just repeat them in different ways. I also hear the flurry of typing as the other ‘sound of interest’,


And when the phone rings they acknowledge it via a cough or other noise, or a statement. This is done so that the Police’s monitoring of the call is made aware to their agent, and then the agent’s response confirms that the audio was of significance. This is a way to authenticate that the call has not been modified, for at least the juicy bits πŸ™‚


And my own Attorneys, who are running cases against the Melbourne Fraudsters, continually defend them and have no desire to do anything against them – whether that is obtain information by Witness Subpoena, write letters to them, or asssist me in anything useful:-


How dim these people really are – they promise to help, I pay them money and they attempt to gather intel and fail to deliver that which they were paid for. Then after I tell them what they wanted to hear, I can see them congratulating themselves on their ingenuity πŸ™‚

No-one has cautioned me, so I say whatever I like – should a fool be unable to identify disinformation and then use it then that is their bad luck!

Parties Responsible

It does not take a genius to work out what is going on, and simple Behaviour Analysis confirms the parties involved, and the true intentions of attorneys around me.

Paragraph (k) – which is why everyone is trying to protect them, despite that being a futile exercise. However when I raised even this point I was shouted down by my own Attorneys πŸ™‚


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Joseph S R de Saram (JSRDS)

Information Security Architect / Intelligence Analyst / Computer Scientist / Human Rights Activist / COMSEC / SIGINT / TSCM

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